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Announcing Journey Manager 23.04


We are pleased to announce the Journey Platform 23.04 release. It is a major release of Manager, Maestro, Exchange, Workspaces, Analytics and Journey Springboard comprising of new features and bug fixes.  

The Journey Maestro release schedule will be announced shortly.

Journey Manager

Here is a list of the key features in Journey Manager 23.04:

  • Configuration Service: In this release, we've introduced a new functionality that allows you to quickly and easily reconfigure solutions from a single point. A configuration file can be uploaded to JM containing parameter values to be set. These are uploaded as a JSON file with a flat structure defining properties as name / value pairs. Currently the configuration service only covers a limited number of areas in JM, future releases will cover additional areas. For more information, see Configuration Service
  • Database Integrity Checker: We've added the Database Integrity Checker service and scheduled jobs to validate database integrity periodically. This service will generate a report for any issues in the TJM database that need to be addressed.
  • New Database Integrity Checker Event Type and Configuration Service Event Type: We've introduced 2 new event types in Event Log
  • Major Library Updates: Along with the normal library updates to address security vulnerabilities 23.04 contains some updates to major core technologies:

    • WildFly: Updated to 28.0.1
    • Open JDK: Updated to jdk-
  • Change to Jakarta EE 10 : As part of the WildFly update we've replaced Java EE with Jakarta EE. This is a requirement for WildFly, and will affect all groovy services within TJM for customers upgrading. For more information, see Migrate to Jakarta EE
    • Jakarta Migration Support: In order to support our customers upgrading, TJM we've created a Jakarta Transformer service allowing you to convert Groovy services and security managers to be Jakarta EE 10 compatible. This service comes pre-installed with Journey Manager 23.04. We have also enhanced our SDK documentation with strategies for migration of services. 

For more information, see Journey Manager 23.04 Release Notes.

Journey Maestro

Here is a list of the key features in Journey Maestro 23.04:

  • We've added the Enable generating brand variables as CSS variables, conditions apply option to output CSS variables to a form during a form build process
  • We've added the support to hide entire Rules category if no rules can be added. For more information, see Maestro Business Rules.
  • We've updated UI in alignment with TJM restyling. For more information, see Maestro Login.
  • Added the Server Status tab to the Management Dashboard to display a status of a Manager server
  • Added support to auto logout Dashboard and show session has ended in the Maestro editor
  • We've added the support to show all users, who have a current design open, in the Maestro editor
  • Updated 3-rd party libraries and dependencies, including security updates

Documentation has the following enhancements:

  • Updated some images to reflect Maestro UI changes in alignment with Journey Manager restyling as per Temenos rebranding
  • Improved Components Options documentation, making it clearer how to create rule helpers and rule templates and use them in a form correctly
  • Provided an overview article on accessibility best practices and linked to Maestro accessibility documentation
  • Improved Maestro documentation content accessibility, in particular for images
  • Corrected and aligned terminology across several topics
  • Published Avalon Template components, such as Page (Avalon)Page Controller (Avalon)Progress Bar, as well as the new template structure

For more information, see Journey Maestro 23.04 Release Notes.

Journey Exchange

The following Exchange packages have been updated for the 23.04 major release of Temenos Journey Manager:

  • Iovation TAF - Version 1.5: May 31, 2023 - Corrected version number mismatch in service definition.  
  • VixVerify GreenID - Version 4.1: Nov 16, 2022 - Support for additional source documents including change of name and marriage certificates, and support for additional AEC fields for date of birth and property name. Date of Birth is mandatory for AEC source documents from Nov 30, 2022.

For further information, see the Exchange roadmap and Journey Exchange 23.04 Release Notes.

Journey Workspaces

Journey Workspaces 23.04 introduces many exciting new Workspaces features and enhancements, and a brand new Journey Applicants app that has been completely redesigned with support for desktop and mobile devices, and screens and workflows that better address the needs of applicants.

Here is a list of the key features in Journey Workspaces 23.04:

  • Improved UI and UX: A fresh new user interface and improved user experience for Journey Workspaces and Journey Applicants.
  • Table row expansion: Support for table row expansion on the List screen, allowing the display of additional information as a custom card.
  • Dedicated Application and Task sections: An improved application Details screen with dedicated sections for application- and task-level content.
  • Task Switcher: A new task switcher makes switching between tasks in an application seamless.
  • Consolidated Notes card: A dedicated Notes card brings all notes added across the application together in one location.
  • Reply to Notes: A new comments feature lets users reply to any application note and view all the replies as a threaded conversation.
  • Simplified Application Timeline: A streamlined Application Timeline feature that displays just the different stages of application progression.
  • Custom Card enhancements: Custom card enhancements include:
    • Support for an alert icon on custom card tabs.
    • Customized link icons for invoking a fluent function.
    • Tooltips for link icons in custom cards.
    • Restoration of the chart display for numerical information.
    • Support for table subsections in extended table cards.
  • Error Framework improvements: The error reporting framework provides additional information about mapping field configuration errors.
  • Receipt improvements: Improvements to the receipts data source to ensure Workspaces users can view receipts across the application.
  • Mobile Responsive Design: A fully responsive Journey Applicants app for desktop and mobile in both landscape and portrait orientations.
  • Improved Modal Windows: Modal Window improvements include an optimized viewing area based on its content type.
  • Material Icons: Configuration now supports using any Material icons in Journey Workspaces and Journey Applicants.
  • Data Source improvements: Configure the Workspaces List screen using data from job properties in addition to the transaction metadata.
  • [EXPERIMENTAL] On-screen Configuration Editor: Improvements to the experimental on-screen Workspaces configuration editor including a preview of changes.

For more information, see Journey Workspaces 23.04 Release Notes.

Journey Analytics

Journey Analytics 23.04 is a major release that improves existing functionality and implements some fixes.

Here is a list of the key features in Journey Analytics 23.04:

  • Multi-tenancy support
    In 23.04 Journey Analytics is ready to support multi-tenanted Journey Manager instances via Organisations. Any issues around Segmentation of Journey Analytics data is also isolated by Organisation.
  • Queue processing improvements
    Improvements have been made to task processing in our GCP queues to provide better error logging and clean up of old tasks.
  • EventConsumer API Changes
    All EventConsumer APIs have been hardened in this release. Going forward, the following information is required, otherwise an HTTP 400 Bad Request status code will be returned:
    • tmInstance in request JWTs
    • customerId in request JWTs
    • organization, space, form and formVersion data for form analytics payloads
  • The following EventConsumer API requests are affected:
    • Metadata: receives data about the Form or Job sent when a user session begins
    • Session: receives data about each user session for a form transaction
    • Analytics: receives data about user actions during a form transaction
    • Job: receives data about Job events during a Job transaction
  • Benchmarking design
    Initial conceptual design for Benchmarking has begun and will continue into 23.10.
  • Legacy Dashboard deprecated
    The Legacy Dashboard has been removed from the code base and is no longer available to clients. Public documentation has been updated to remove content for the Legacy Dashboard.

What's Fixed 
This release included the following fixes:

  • Faster load time for Scope Selector data
  • Updated the design for empty charts in the Dashboard Completion History and Current Activity for a better UX
  • Increased the number of concurrent server requests possible
  • Previously unreported Safari users on iPad are now being identified more accurately
  • Completion History documentation improved
  • Updated old UI screenshots in public documentation

For more information, see Journey Analytics 23.04 Release Notes.

Journey Springboard

Journey Springboard v4.0 is a major release of the Springboard solutions that includes several key new features, improvements, and integrations.

Here is a list of the key features in Journey Springboard v4.0:

Journey Setup Tool 

The Brand Builder uses dynamic branding to configure Springboard for demos or client implementations. Within minutes, you can configure a new brand styling for a custom demo experience. In addition to fonts, colors, images, and styles, Journey Brand Builder lets you configure language for dynamic locale, product options and email templates. Dynamic branding eliminates the need to slog through the onerous CI/CD process for simple styling, email, or product configuration changes. 


We have now upgraded to: 

  • Maestro 21.11 
  • Journey Manager 22.04 
  • SDK 22.04  
  • Narrator controller 1.9.1 
  • Decision Framework 1.5.0 
  • Nurture email 1.16.1 
  • Google Places v1.3.0 (a.k.a. Exchange v1.7) 

New Third-Party Integrations 

  • Alloy is now used for device check and identity verification 
  • Prove is now used for identity verification and data prefill for new applicants 
  • Payroc is now used for ACH, debit card, and credit card funding 

Other New Features 

  • Springboard is now built on the Avalon Template 
  • New Banker Experience Features available for Retail DAO, SMB DAO, and Lending 
  • Assisted Channel Hand-off to Client 
  • Request More Information for applications in review 
  • Request Cancellation for applications in review 
  • Transact Integration 
  • Lending integration with LMS (Springboard Lending 1.0) 
  • Application expiry dialog with two minutes grace period to confirm 
  • Reusable components 
  • Dynamic Narrator 

General Improvements 

  • Technical debt reductions 
  • UI bug fixes 

For more information, see Journey Springboard 23.04 Release Notes.

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