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Announcing Temenos Journey Manager 22.10


We are pleased to announce the Journey Platform 22.10 release. It is a major release of Manager, Maestro, Exchange, Workspaces, and Analytics, comprising of new features and bug fixes.  

The GA date is 16 November 2022. For our cloud-hosted customers, the rollout to all regions schedule will be announced shortly.

For more information, see the Journey Platform Release Notes Sitemap.

Journey Manager

Journey Manager 22.10 is now generally available. Here is a list of the key features we've introduced or enhanced. 

  • Event Based Architecture – This release contains the first phase of TJMs new Event Based Architecture. This feature allows users to configure events based on changes to manager entities. These events are then published to Kafka message queue. 
    This feature is still in development and may be subject to changes.
  • OpenShift Support – As of this release, TJM is now support for deployments in OpenShift containerization
  • Major Library Updates - Along with the normal library updates to address security vulnerabilities 22.10 contains some updates to major core technologies:

    • Wildfly Updated to 26.1.2.Final
    • Open JDK Updated to jdk-

  • Added support for billing - more fine grain control added to allow for setting of billing flag on transactions.
  • New manager UI styling - Manager UI has been given a new style overhaul.
  • New Operations Portal - New operations portal can be deployed with Journey Manager. This is the first release of the new manager UI updates.

For more information, see Journey Manager 22.10 Release Notes.

Journey Maestro

The 22.10 Maestro release continues the theme of assisting developers to improve productivity and accessibility. Here is a list of the key features we've introduced and enhanced. 

  • Updated 3-rd party libraries and dependencies, including security updates
  • Improved the Offline/Online form building process
  • Rebranded Maestro product to reflect Temenos' vision, mission and strategy - to be 'Everyone's Banking Platform'. We've updated the logo and the colours on the selected options of the product, such as the selected palette and the selected toolbar.

For more information, see Journey Maestro 22.10 Release Notes

Journey Exchange

The following two Exchange packages have been updated for the 22.10 major release of Temenos Journey Manager:

  • DocuSign - Version 1.3 - Updated to support mandatory OAuth Authentication, and removal of username/password authentication to meet DocuSign API expiry deadline of March 2023.
  • VixVerify GreenID Version 4.1 - Updated to add support for additional source documents including change of name and marriage certificates, and support for additional AEC fields for date of birth and property name.

For more information, see Journey Exchange 22.10 Release Notes

Journey Workspaces

Journey Workspaces 22.10 is now generally available.

Journey Workspaces 22.10 introduces some exciting new features and enhancements to Journey Workspaces and Journey Applicants. There's a fresh new UI with white-label theme support and several UX improvements, enhanced navigation with support for the grouping of spaces, and many new productivity features including support for invoking fluent functions, a new reassign action, and an option to perform bulk actions.

For more information, see Journey Workspaces 22.10 Release Notes.

Journey Analytics

Journey Analytics 22.10 is a major release that improves existing functionality.

Key features included in this release:

  • New Navigation and branding - The navigation menu is now found under a new hamburger style menu button, which allows more screen real estate to be used for the data, and to be more usable on smaller screens and devices.
  • Scope selector sorting options - These options have been enhanced to  allow  sorting using Form Code and Last Updated, and allow both  ascending and descending sorting directions.
  • Caching time reduced - Caching server requests have been reduced from 6 hours to 2 hours to improve wait times to view new data.
  • 'Today' definition updated on Dashboard tooltips.
  • Security and performance updates - Upgrades and enhancements to the underlying infrastructure of Journey Analytics to improve overall performance and  security.

For more information, see Journey Analytics 22.10 Release Notes.

New Feature Lists

Learn about the new 22.10 features by product:

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