Maestro Offline Build Tool Overview

   MaestroThe UI design product.  |   Form Builder Platform Developer |   20.11 This feature was updated in 20.11.

Journey Maestro comes with the Offline Build Tool, which is a command line interface (CLI) for building Maestro forms. This tool is a faster and more flexible alternative to building forms using the Maestro editor and it enables you to:

The Offline Build Tool relies on Maestro Source Code Management (SCM) to clone a project and related libraries to your local file system before building forms. You can use this tool for both SCM and non-SCM (standard Maestro) projects.


Maestro forms prior to version 19.05 may not build correctly with the Offline Build Tool.

The Offline Build Tool is especially handy when you need to build and deploy services using ANT tasks, such as app-package or app-deploy. These tasks may require a TM Form Version of a form to be locally available to a CI/CD pipeline, in order to succeed. You can easily achieve this by using one of the Maestro CLI tasks, for example, maestro build-form, which you add to a build script.

Next, learn more about the Offline Build Tool, which is available for your Maestro version.