Collaboration Job Groups

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Manager provides the following groups to allow users to work and manage collaboration jobs:

You need to configure these groups first and then assign them to a form, so the form can be used with collaboration jobs. The specific configuration of each group is explained below.

Job Applicants

This group allows users to:

  • Submit a form that starts a collaboration job.
  • Check the collaboration job status and view some additional information.
  • Participate in a workflow by updating their form details.

To configure the group, select the following checkboxes:

  • New Forms
  • Saved / Assigned Forms
  • Completed Forms

Job Reviewers

This group allows users to review collaboration jobs in the Journey Space Reviews tab. For example, users can be part of a group that looks after a particular collaboration job's step on a daily basis.

To configure the group, select the following checkboxes:

  • Share with Work Group
  • Saved / Assigned Forms
  • Completed Forms

To be able to see the Journey Space Reviews tab, a reviewer must be given the following permissions:

  • Collaboration Job View
  • Collaboration Job Completed View

Every form space has a <form space name> Staff role created with these permissions. For example, a Work Space Staff role exists for the Journey Space and has the permissions to allow reviewers to access the Reviews tab from within the Work Space Staff space. You can always check and assign these permissions if required.

As an example, the job coordinator responsible for the Journey Space form space needs to be assigned to the Journey Space Staff role.

To view all collaboration jobs including their receipts, a job coordinator's user account must also belong to the same organization that the related forms belong to. For example, the user account cat [MA5] is a job coordinator for all collaboration jobs, so it can be linked to forms for the Journey Space organization by being assigned to the Journey Space organization.


It is not recommended to alter the standard roles.

Job Managers

This group allows users to:

  • Manage a group of reviewers for a particular step.
  • Review tasks themselves.
  • Assign or reassign tasks to another user.

To configure the, select the following checkboxes:

  • Share with Work Group
  • Saved / Assigned Forms
  • Completed Forms
  • Reassign Task

Job Coordinators

This group defines the business systems coordinator who looks after the collaboration job as a whole. This group allows users to monitor and manage collaboration jobs. As job coordinators, they are not necessarily involved in action tasks. Instead, they manage the overall collaboration jobs and only intervene when needed. With large scale operations, such as those having several regions and job coordinators managing their groups of collaboration jobs, the implementation of job groups facilitates collaboration jobs to be filtered using one or all job groups.

Task Claiming Type

Manager comes with several task claiming types, which you can apply when working with tasks.


Group tasks are implemented using an optimistic model, which allows a group task to be opened by two group members, where the race lock is implemented as the first user to submit the form wins. The second user’s submission is ignored.

Task Enable Claiming

Task claiming type can be configured for Group tasks and it allows only one user to edit the task. This requires additional configuration in the job definition.

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