Journey Space Reviews

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Journey Space has the Reviews tab that allows job coordinators to list all reviews and approvals of collaboration jobs and also search for a particular collaboration job to view the following information:

  • The collaboration job's details.
  • The current step of the collaboration job.
  • The current collaboration job's task and its status.
  • The collaboration job's history, including previous submissions and receipts.

To filter or search the collaboration jobs by one or more criteria, specify the following settings and click Go:

  • Enter a job number, tracking code, or contact email in the search text field.
  • Select the period of time from the Last dropdown list.
  • Note

    Only last 90 days are listed by default.

  • Select a status of collaboration jobs from the Status dropdown list. The default is In Progress, so only the review and approval collaboration jobs with the in progress status are listed. To see all collaboration jobs, select the blank status.
  • Select a group from the Job Groups dropdown list. The default is [All Groups], so all collaboration jobs with all job groups that you are responsible for are listed. Select [No Groups] to see collaboration jobs that are not allocated to any job group. This option is required because jobs not allocated to any job group do not appear when [ All Groups ] is selected. If your company allocates all collaboration jobs to job groups, this option will allow for the changeover period where you can still see jobs before the job groups were introduced.

A user can click on the heading of completed forms to download a task's receipt.

A coordinator can perform one of the following actions for tasks that are Assigned or In Progress:

  • Claim a task
  • Claim and open a task
  • Assign to and return to the group (if claimed first)

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