Open a Design

   MaestroThe UI design product.  |   Form Builder |  23.04This feature was updated in 23.04

Maestro allows you to open a design, such as a Maestro form , template, receipt, or component, in the Maestro editor. There are several ways you can do it from the Maestro Dashboard, which are explained below.


A design could be a form, template, receipt or a component. We'll use a form as an example, but the same steps are applicable to all other design types.

To open a form:

  1. Log in to Maestro to access the Dashboard.
  2. Go to the Navigator pane.
  3. Select Home > Organization > Project > Forms.
  4. Select a form from the Forms tab and then click Edit Form.
    Maestro open a form

    Alternatively, select a form under Forms, select a form version from the Versions tab and click Edit Version.

    Maestro open a form alternative way

    Or, select a form version under a form and click Edit.

  5. If someone else has this form open already, Maestro will show the following message, so click OK to acknowledge and proceed.
    Maestro informs you a form been open by someone else

    The form will be open in the Maestro editor in a new tab of a browser where you can edit it.

Next, learn how to save a form.