Save a Design

   MaestroThe UI design product.  |   Form Builder |   17.10 This feature was updated in 17.10.

Maestro doesn’t automatically save a design, such as a form, template or component, while you are working on its content, so you must do it manually to persist changes to the design.

To save a design:

  1. Open a design in the Maestro editor and edit it as required.
  2. Click Save to save the changes.
    Maestro save a design

    The save button becomes enabled only if there have been changes to a design since it was last saved.

  3. Select Save this Version to save the changes to the currently open design version.
  4. Select Save as New Version to save the changes to a new design version.
    Maestro save a design as a new version
    • Enter a new version number in the New Version field.
    • Provide a meaningful description in the Description field.
    • Click Save.

Maestro comes with the save form notification mechanism.  |  17.10 This feature was introduced in 17.10.

If you have saved a desing while other Maestro editor users have the design open or have been working on it, they will see the following warning message:

Should any conflict arise while saving a design, the message displays the user name who has saved the design, so you can reach out to that user to discuss which changes should be saved or rolled back.


When a user saves a form, Manager marks it as userSavedFlag = TRUE, so this form submissions won't be abandoned.

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