View Project Details

   MaestroThe UI design product.  |   Form Builder |   21.05 This feature was updated in 21.05.

Journey Maestro allows you to view project details as well as update some of its configuration. You may need to do this after the project is created. For example, you may want upgrade your project to the latest Maestro's release version so you can start using the latest product's features.

To view the project details:

  1. Open a project in the Navigator pane and select the Project Details tab to view project configuration. The configuration is slightly different for the Standard and SCM projects as shown below:

    Standard Project

    Maestro view the standard project details

    SCM Project

    Maestro view the SCM project details
  2. Check the current Maestro version used by the project. In this example, it is Release 22.10.0.
  3. Edit a project name in the Name field.
  4. Check a project type in the Type field, which can be one of the following:
  5. Copy a command from the SCM Clone field and copy it to your SCM tool to clone the project, for example, scm project clone know/knowledge-style.
  6. Provide a meaningful project description in the Description field.
  7. Select a version from the Default Initial Version dropdown list, which is used as a base version when new forms and form versions are created. You can change this value at any time, but this only impacts new forms and assets within this project. Version numbers of existing forms are unaffected.
  8. Select a template from the Default Template dropdown list, for example, Avalon Form Template.
  9. Select a Maestro version from the Release Version dropdown list to upgrade the project manually. You have to do it when the Automatic Release Upgrade setting is set to Disabled, see below, or then Maestro is upgraded to a major version.
  10. Select one of the following options from the Automatic Release Upgrade dropdown list:
    • Enabled - to upgrade the project automatically, meaning whenever Maestro software is upgraded to a new, minor release, the project is automatically upgraded as well, for example, from 21.10.2 to 21.10.3. However, this feature only applies to minor releases. If Maestro is upgraded with a major release, projects always need to be manually upgraded. This is the default option and we recommend using it.
    • Disabled - to upgrade the project manually.
  11. Click Save to update the changes.
  12. Click Undo to discard the changes.
  13. Click Convert to SCM Project to convert the project from the Standard type to the SCM type so you are able to manage its source code using your Source Code Management tools.
  14. Click Convert to Standard Project to convert the project from the SCM type to the Standard type so you can use Maestro functionality to manage versioning.

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