Data Retention Management Service

   Journey Manager (JM) The transaction engine for the platform. |   System Manager / DevOps |   18.05 This feature was updated in 18.05.

Manager comes with the Data Retention Management service, which is core global service performing the following steps in the transaction life cycle:

This service is periodically called by the Data Retention job.

To configure the Data Retention Management service:

  1. Select Services > Core Global Services.
  2. Select the Data Retention Management from the Type dropdown list to show all services of this type.
  3. Locate a service and click Edit.
  4. Configure the standard service settings.
  5. Select the Parameters Edit tab to view and customize the service configuration. Otherwise, this service uses the global data retention configuration.
    Manager configure data retention management service
  6. Select the Log to Event Log checkbox to log the results of applying the data retention policy to the event log., so you can check what data was deleted from the system. The example of a message recorded in the even logs is shown bellow:
    Data Retention Management applied, 0 records deleted in 3 sec.
    "Table","Rows","Time (ms)","Percentage"
    "Delete Submission Data",0,77,2.0
    "Transaction History",0,4,0.1
    "Audit Log",0,4,0.1
    "User Auth Event",0,3,0.1
    "Error Log",0,13,0.3
    "Event Log",0,3784,96.2
    "Groovy Service Log",0,3,0.1
    "Offline Client System Log",0,3,0.1
    "Offline Sync Call",0,4,0.1
    "Offline Sync Log",0,3,0.1
    "Scheduled Job History",0,3,0.1
    "Security Manager Log",0,3,0.1
    "Email Queue",0,4,0.1
    "Composer Package Queue",0,3,0.1
    "Import Action",0,5,0.1

    Then you can search for particular retention event in the event logs using the following criteria:

    Manager check a particular retention event
  7. Edit the number of days in the Max Collaboration Job Abandon Age Days field to specify when a collaboration job and all its transactions become eligible for abandonment.

    You can disable collaboration job abandonment by setting the Max Collaboration Job Abandon Age Days to 0.


    Check collaboration job abandonment configuration in Configure Data Retention and Configure Organization Data Retention.

  8. Select the required purge mode from the PII Search Purge Mode dropdown list to specify when PII searching metadata, such as data extracts and transactions properties, will be deleted:
    • Form Completed - this is the smallest set of data to be deleted
    • Delivery Completed - this is a bigger set of data to be deleted
    • PII Purge Time - this is the biggest set of data to be deleted and it takes the longest time to do it
    • Blank - not defined
  9. Click Save to update the changes.

If the Include Data Retention checkbox is selected, the Transaction Processor service will execute the Data Retention Management service.

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