Core Global Services Overview

   Journey Manager (JM) The transaction engine for the platform. |   System Manager / DevOps |  All versions This feature is related to all versions.

Journey Manager comes with a set of standard services, which are designed to perform specific tasks pertinent to server's core functionality, for example, data retention and email queues. These services are internal to Manager ensuring it runs as expected. They are not part of form submission flows, so Form Builders and Customer Services don't need to know about them or modify them as long as the system performs as designed. If you are a Form Builder, you should check form services.

Most of global core services don't have an organization assigned to them, especially for standard Journey Manager deployments. However, you can assign a global core service to a specific organization.

Services are grouped by service types so you can filter only services you need.

Manager allows you to view, create new and manage the existing core global services.

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