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Journey Platform

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Journey Platform

One of many useful features of Journey Manager is the form prefill, which allows you to pre-populate a form with user data, such as an home address, phone number, or an email address, or any other data required. This feature comes handy in customer onboarding applications when you want to prefill a user's form as much as possible to make their journey smooth and easy.

When you implement an onboarding application using Maestro, you can choose a Data Driven Component to prefill a form with some data, for example, a list of States and Territories of Australia. You can easily integrate the Data Driven Component with a Groovy service, running in Journey Manager, that will pre-populate the form when it's rendered in a user's browser.

Watch this short video to learn how to populate the Data Driven Component using a Form Prefill Data Service!

I hope, you find this post useful. Journey Manager is loaded with handy features like this, so you may need some time and a bit of guidance to learn them all!

If you have any questions, post your question in the Q&A sections and will get back to you soon!

Journey Platform

Every time a form applicant interacts with a form, Journey Manager creates or updates a transaction to track the progress of a form application and therefore provide the best customer journey experience.

One feature of Journey Manager that really adds to user experience is the Save Challenge feature that allows an applicant to start a form application and come back to it later to add or modify some details and eventually submit the form. This is a great way to fill in a long form or when you don't have all documents in hands.

The Save Challenge feature requires an applicant to provide security answers to pre-defined security questions. If the applicant happens to forget the security answers, after several unsuccessful tries, Journey Manager locks the transaction. This is an importance security feature of the product, that prevents some forms of hacker's attacks, such as brutal force, so you should feel save about it. However, don't get alarmed that your application is locked - it's only temporarily. Journey Manager has the Save Challenge Lockout Minutes setting that governs how long a transaction is locked for. This eliminates a need to contact a support team to unlock the transaction.

Nevertheless, in some cases, a transaction can be locked so some additional actions are required. If you are a Journey Manager system administrator or a developer, check this article, which explains why a transaction can get locked and how to unlock it.

I hope, you find this post useful. Journey Manager is loaded with handy features like this, so you may need some time and a bit of guidance to learn them all! You can check all other Journey Manager features here.

If you have any questions, post them in the Q&A sections and will get back to you soon!

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