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This article describes the process of migrating Journey Workspaces v19.11 configuration to v20.05.

  1. Request a CI/CD Maven project for Workspaces v20.
  2. Install Node.JS (min. install), Yarn and Git in local developer environments.
  3. Migrate Space properties (global, process, etc.) by:
    • Create TypeScript .ts files per property.
    • Remove the spaces attribute from global space property .ts file and append each entry into the respective space property .ts file
    • Remove locales and currentLocale from global space property .ts file. Note: locale details are loaded via index.jsx 
    • Prepend config import declaration to each .ts file: import { Config } from '@transact-open-ux/workspaces/dist/types'; 
    • Append default export declaration to each .ts file: export default helpdeskConfig; 
    • Wrap JSON with export declaration: 
      export const helpdeskConfig = ({ date, currentUser }: any): Config => ( {'my json':'is here'} );​
    • Run yarn prettier to correct/convert JSON to Type Script
    • Review and correct configuration type references:
      • global theme accent attribute not longer supported
      • current space value, title attributes not longer supported
      • current space actions attribute replaced with txnActions and jobActions definitions
      • filter options picker type replaced with daterangepicker, datepicker
      • icon attribute no longer supported for listExtended, tableExtended
      • un-escape date function declarations, e.g.: from this:
        taskCreated: ["{{ date('1 year ago') }}", "{{ date('1 week ago') }}"]​
        to this: 
        $taskCreated: [date('1 year ago'), date('1 week ago')]​
      • etc... Also refer to included default & springboard configuration examples.
  4. Update index.jsx to load required config and locale messages.
  5. Set JM instance details in .transact-auth and use npm run deploy (or yarn deploy) to deploy form.
  6. Update Form Space index.htm to auto-redirect to Workspaces form:
    <head><meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="0;URL=/workspaces/app/workspaces"></head>
  7. Update Form Space logout.htm to auto-redirect to index.htm:
    <head><meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="0;URL=/workspaces/index.htm"></head>


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