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The Knowledge team is proud to announce that they have recently launched a new and improved Search Function.  Users now have much better control when searching for a topic which also results in better results.  In addition, Searches now analyse  data across all content within the website (announcements, documentation, API docs, articles, etc).  This results in a much more powerful search function which provides better results.


In addition to the fresh new layout of the search screen, users can now select specific items to be filtered to narrow their search.  Users can search by Type (1), Module (2), or version (3) or a combination of all three.


Search Results

Further enhancements to the search results page identify specific areas within the documentation / journey website (eg. Q&A, Articles, Documentation) where the information is located with a link to the page (4), what product the information pertains to (5), and filtering options available to further narrow your result (6).



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