Close a Design

   MaestroThe UI design product.  |   Form Builder |  All versions This feature is related to all versions.

Maestro opens a design, such as a form, template or component, in the Maestro editor in a new browser tab while the Management Dashboard remains open in its original tab. When you are finished editing a design, you can close the relevant tab and return to the Maestro Management Dashboard.

To close a design:

  1. Click to close a browser tab you are editing the design in. In this example, this is the Style Master Form tab, where Style Master Form is a name of the open design, which is a form.
  2. Review your options as you are prompted.
    Maestro confirm close action
  3. Click Leave to close the design.

    If you haven't saved the changes made to the design, they will be lost.

  4. Click Cancel to stay on the page so you can continue editing the design or save it and then close the tab.

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