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Announcing Journey Manager 22.04


We are pleased to announce the Journey Platform 22.04 release. It is a major release of Manager, Maestro, Exchange, Workspaces, and Analytics, comprising of new features and bug fixes.  

The GA date is 8 June 2022. For our cloud-hosted customers, check the rollout to all regions.

For more information, see Journey Platform Release 22.04.

Journey Manager

Journey Manager 22.04 is now generally available. Here is a list of the key features we've introduced or enhanced. 

  • Improved the existing notification messages interface to let you create and schedule status change of various entities, such as form spaces, organizations, forms, and form versions
  • Added a new status management service to automatically execute scheduled entity status changes.
  • Provided a set of new REST API to expose existing Operations as a service. These API will be consumed by new Workspaces functionality.
  • Added new permissions to the Workspaces form space to provide fine-grained control for new Workspaces Operational Portal REST API, such as txn/query, txn/status, txn/task, and txn/purge, as well as the existing txn/cancel.
  • Introduced a new Journey SDK Maven plugin in the updated Journey SDK. The Journey SDK Maven plugin provides goals and lifecycles to build and deploy JM applications via the Maven command line. We've modified the underlying framework of the integration points between Manager and Journey SDK to accommodate this change.
  • Updated third-party libraries.

For more information, see Journey Manager 22.04 Release Notes.

Journey Maestro

The 22.04 Maestro release continues the theme of assisting developers to improve productivity and accessibility. Here is a list of the key features we've introduced and enhanced. 

  • Updated third-party libraries and dependencies, including support for ECMAScript 2019.
  • Upgraded the Font Awesome library to version 5.15.4 from 4.5.0, so many new icons are now available in the icon picker in the rich text editor.
  • Improved accessibility in several included widgets.
  • Enhanced the validation framework to properly include component validation on pages that were not visited.
  • Fixed many bugs from our backlog.

For more information, see Journey Maestro 22.04 Release Notes

Journey Exchange

The following 5 Exchange packages have been updated for the 22.04 major release of Temenos Journey Manager:

  • Plaid TAF - Version 1.3 - Support for OAuth, migrate from the public key to a Link token.
  • Mastersoft Harmony - Version 1.5 - Update the DynamicDataResultList class to fix an error thrown by the Groovy static type checking.
  • Gov.AU - Version 1.4 - Update the DynamicDataResultList class to fix an error thrown by the Groovy static type checking.
  • VIX Verify greenID - Version 3.0 - Updated to add new Card Number field for DVS Driver's Licence checks, dependent on the user's state.
  • Equifax IDMatrix - Version 1.6 - Updated to add new Card Number field for DVS Driver's Licence checks.

For more information, see Journey Exchange 22.04 Release Notes

Journey Workspaces

Journey Workspaces 22.04 is now generally available.

This release introduces a new Operations Assistance portal for operations staff and administrators. The Operations portal allows authenticated users to search and view transactions in a Temenos Journey Manager (TJM) system when providing operational assistance to banks and their customers.

This release also includes enhancements to the Authenticated Applicants’ portal which now offers theming capabilities, as well as a new notes feature that provides the ability to take notes and communicate with bank staff. In addition, there are many other improvements to the Journey Workspaces portal including enhancements to the search, application timeline, and notes features.

For more information, see Journey Workspaces 22.04 Release Notes.

Journey Analytics

Journey Analytics 22.04 is a major release that improves existing functionality.

Key features included in this release:

  • New tooltips added to the Dashboard View.
  • The Scope Selector now displays the form code with each form making it easier to correctly identify the form you want to analyse.
  • Open UX support has been enhanced to provide Open UX applications with full analytics capabilities. A sample project is now available from the Downloads section!
  • Various bug fixes.

For more information, see Journey Analytics 22.04 Release Notes.

What's New in 22.04

An outline of What's New in 22.04 across all products can be found at 22.04 What's New.

New Feature Lists

Learn about the new 22.04 features by product:

Documentation Highlights

We've done a great deal of improvements to our existing documentation, such as streamlined the Maestro editor articles, provided fine-grained details on some Journey Manager configuration options, and added several videos to explain product features.

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