Transaction Details

   Journey Manager (JM) The transaction engine for the platform.  |    System Manager / DevOps  |  All versions This feature is related to all versions.

Manager allows you view detailed information of a selected transaction associated with a form. This is handy when you troubleshoot form submissions.

To view transaction details:

  1. Select Operations > Form Transactions or Operations > Saved Transactions or Forms > Form.
  2. Locate a transaction and click View to see transaction details. Depending on the status and content of a selected transaction, you can see different transaction details as well as additional tabs. For example, if the transaction encountered any errors, the Errors tab is displayed where you can check these errors. This is illustrated below for 3 transactions with different form statuses:


    Manager check transaction's details


    Manager check saved transaction's details


    Manager check submitted transaction's details
  3. Check the Transaction Details section, including:
    • Submission ID
    • Tracking code
    • Receipt number
    • The collaboration job number associated with this transaction
    • Storage service used to persist this transaction
    • Revision number
    • Form status
    • Form started
    • Used saved - shows whether a user saved a form or it was background saved
    • Saved time - a time stamp when the form was saved
    • Completed Time - a time stamp when the form was completed
    • Time Taken to Submit
    • Submission Expiry Time - a date, defined in form details, which was used to ensure a form can't be submitted on or after this date
  4. Check the Form Details section, including:
    • Form Name
    • Form Version
    • Form Type
    • Release Version
    • Organization - an organization associated with the form
    • Space - a form space associated with the form
  5. Check the User Information section, which documents the following details of the user who completed the transaction:
    • Created by - a contact email address of a user that created the transaction
    • Completed by - a contact email address of a user that created the transaction
    • Submission Group
    • User Operating System - an OS that was used to create the transaction
    • User browser - a browser that was used to create the transaction

Next, learn how to change a transaction status.