Save Challenge

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Journey Manager comes with a Save Challenge feature that allows users to resume their form applications, so they can complete or cancel them. This is an important step in the onboarding process when a user needs to save a form application to get some required information or a web browser is closed or crashed. Therefore, the Save Challenge provides a secure mechanism to return to the form.

To enable a Save Challenge:

  1. Select the Supports Save Challenge checkbox in a form version.
  2. Specify the Save Challenge XPath field in Form Configuration Mapping, for example, the Save Challenge XPath is set as //DateOfBirth.
  3. Check the supportsSaveChallenge is set to true in the SDK form-def.json file.

    The application-package-config.xml is updated with this option after running the app-package command.

  4. Check the Save Challenge is enabled in Transaction Status.

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