Show Form Details

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The Maestro editor allows you to view some additional information about an open design, such as, a form, template, receipt or component.

To view a design details:

  1. Open a design in the Maestro editor and click Help.
  2. Select Show Form Details from the dropdown list to view the following design's information:
    Show form details in Maestro editor.
  3. This information can be useful for troubleshooting purposes, especially when speaking with customer support.

    • Organization - The organization that the design belongs to.
    • Project - The project that the design belongs to.
    • Design Type - The design type of the design. Possible options include Form, Component, Template, or Receipt.
    • Design Name - The name of the design.
    • Template - The template the design is based upon.
    • Form URL - The absolute URL of the design.
    • Maestro Release Version - The version number for the current instance of Maestro.
    • Browser - The name of your web browser.
  4. Click Show on Dashboard to locate this design in the Maestro Dashboard.
  5. Click Copy to Clipboard to copy all of the information from the dialog to the clipboard and then use the CTRL + V shortcut (or CMD + V on macOS) to paste it somewhere else, such as, in a support ticket.
  6. Click Close.

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