Add a Component

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Maestro allows you to add components to a form to capture the data that is required to implement a Customer Experience. The term component is the general name for anything that can be dragged from the Maestro Palette into a form. Components can be anything from an image, to a single data entry field, to a large complex reusable block. Components come in a variety of control types with different properties and behaviors. The available components are displayed in the Maestro Palette pane.

Components are organized within category folders. You can browse each category to find the component you want to use on your form, or you can use the search box at the top of the Palette.

At the top of the component list, you will find the favorites category. This category displays the most commonly used components. You can add or remove components from the favorite list based on your own personal preferences. The changes you make to the Favorites list will be stored in your Maestro account, not within the form. The components you add or remove to favorites will be displayed each time you open a form in Maestro.


Prior to Maestro v18.05, the View pane is called the Structure pane.

There are several ways to add a component to a form.

  • Drag a Component from the Palette to the Form. Choose a component from the Palette and drag it onto the form near where you want it to appear, observing the shape and orientation of the insertion bar. Drop the component when the insertion bar indicates the desired location.
  • Double-Click a Component. Select the component or container in the form where you want a component to be inserted. Double-click a component in the Palette. The component is inserted directly below the selected component or at the bottom of the selected container.
  • Note

    If you have multiple components to add, you can keep double-clicking – each new component is added below the previous component that was added.

  • Add Below an Existing Component. Select the component in the form above where you want the component to be inserted. Right-click the component from the Palette and select Add Below. The component is inserted directly below the selected component.
  • Drag a Component from the Palette to the Component Hierarchy. If the Palette and View panes are displayed side by side, you can drag a component from the Palette and drop it in the View pane. The new component is added to the form at a position determined by where in the View pane you dropped the component. If you drop the component on a container, the new component appears at the bottom of the container. Otherwise, the new component is positioned where you dropped it relative to the other components.

Once you have added a component to a form, you can update its ID.

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