Licensing Reports

   Journey Manager (JM) The transaction engine for the platform.  |    System Manager / DevOps  |  23.04This feature was updated in 23.04

Manager keeps a record of transactions for licensing purposes. You can view this transaction license usage per each organization as two reports: transaction licensing report and job licensing report.

The licensing reports provide a comparison between the number of completed transactions recorded in Manager and Amazon RedshiftAmazon Redshift is an Internet hosting service and data warehouse product which forms part of the larger cloud-computing platform Amazon Web Services. It is built on top of technology from the massive parallel processing (MPP) data-warehouse company ParAccel to handle large scale data sets and database migrations. using Amazon S3. This is useful when you need to confirm that the number of transactions, that you have been billed for, matches the number of transactions recorded in Manager.

There may be a slight variance between the number of transactions recorded in Manager and the number recorded by Amazon Redshift when Manager has not yet published new transactions to Amazon Redshift or when Manager has purged transactions but they remain in Amazon Redshift records.


For more information about your licensing model, refer to your Master Service Agreement (MSA).

Manager comes with a dedicated Transaction Licensing scheduled job to process transaction data daily and generate licensing reports which are sent to our billing servers. You can't see the Transaction Licensing scheduled job in the list of standard scheduled jobs, but you can configure it and run manually from System > System Licensing.


For licensing reports to work, you need to configure Manager with correct system licensing details, which you obtain from Temenos.

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