Check for Duplicate Data Bindings

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The Maestro editor allows you to check for duplicate data bindings of components that may occur in a form while you are working on it. When you add a component on a form, an item's ID is auto-generated in a way it's unique across the form. However, you can still override its ID and that's when a duplication error may happen. The Maestro editor will warn you about it while you are in design mode, for example: Value generates to a duplicate ID. Unable to assign the ID "firstName" as it already exists in this design. It has been changed to "firstName_1". If you still try to build the form with a duplication, the Maestro editor will show the duplicate bindings message as well.

To check for duplicate data bindings:

  1. Open a form in the Maestro editor and click Settings Menu.
  2. Select Check for Duplicate Bindings.
    Maestro check for duplicate data binding
  3. Check the list of the components that contain a duplicate binding and resolve the issues.
  4. Click Close.

Next, learn how to resolve duplicate data bindings.