Component Options: Rule Helpers

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Maestro allows you to create new and update existing rule helpers for components using Component Options. You can use these rule helpers to add methods to a component right click event in the rule editor, so a rule helper will appear as a selectable option. Also, rule helpers are for when you right click on a component when writing a script, it gives you pre-defined actions relating to that object, for example, if you right click on a dialog, it has an option Open Dialog.

To create a new rule helper using Component Options:

  1. Open a project in your organization.
  2. Select a component in the Component folder and click Edit Version.
  3. Click Component Options and select Rule Helpers.
    Maestro view rule helpers
  4. Click New Rule Helper to create a new rule helper.
  5. Type a name for a Label to identify the rule helper when a user right-clicks the component in the editor tree and click Create Script.
    Maestro create a rule helper
  6. Enter a JavaScript for the new rule helper.
    Maestro populate a rule helper JavaScript code

    A JavaScript can follow this pattern: Form.fireRule ("name of the Component Template", Form.items.component_ID, data), for example, Form.fireRule("testRule", Form.items.componentRuleTestID, data);.

    In this example, testRule is the name of the component rule template and componentRuleTestID is the component ID of the component that the rule helper is associated with. When a user right-clicks the component with the component ID componentRuleTestID, this rule helper becomes available as a selectable option.


    You can use the insert-item keyword to reference the item selected from the tree, so it populates it with component's ID.

    The example of the insert-item is shown below:

    "ruleHelpers": [
    	"label": "Open Dialog",
    	"name": "openDialog",
            "value": "Form.showDialog(\"insert-id\")"
  7. Click Done and then click Save.

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