Maestro Form Builder

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A Form Builder is responsible for designing and testing the data capture and display portion of the solution built with Journey Maestro.

This may include creating forms using existing components and functionality. They may also create simple business scripts and shared components. At a more advanced level, Form Builders may also write simple to complex business and display logic using JavaScript, jQuery, and AngularJS tags. In addition, they will use the Transact Fluent SDK and an IDE to create native components. They will also work closely with the Journey Platform Developer for technical integration points and the Template Designer for styling.

To see a list of Temenos Journey Manager platform features specific to the Form Builder persona, see the Form Builder user path.

Example tasks of a Form Builder include:

  • Convert requirement documents into Maestro form and component designs.
  • Develop and maintain shared components, including global shared binding and data schema.
  • Build forms and import them into Manager in non-production environments.
  • Implement visibility and validation logic.
  • Use relevant APIsApplication Programming Interface. for forms and services.
  • Prepare deployment assets.
  • Test functionality to ensure the application meets the requirement specification.

Prerequisite Skill set of a Form Builder

Objectives and Goals of a Form Builder

  • Create Journey applications that follow the requirement specification documentation.
  • Follow best practices when creating new application solutions.
  • Design efficient, reusable components to share with other Journey applications.
  • Become Temenos Journey certified.

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