Maestro Form Static Content Externalization

   Journey Manager (JM) The transaction engine for the platform. |    Form Builder System Manager / DevOps |   18.11 This feature was introduced in 18.11.

Manager includes a new Journey Maestro form rendering mode, Static Content ExternalizationStatic Content Externalization (SCE). (SCE), which significantly reduces the time it takes to load large forms. This is important because long application loading times can significantly increase the bounce rate with users closing the browser window before starting the application.

Using this new Maestro SCE rendering mode option, Manager will externalize 85-95% of the Maestro HTML form content, which can then be served in parallel by Content Distribution NetworksA content delivery network or Content Distribution Network (CDN) is a system of distributed servers (network) that deliver pages and other Web content to a user, based on the geographic locations of the user, the origin of the webpage and the content delivery server. (CDNs). This reduces the amount of time it takes for a form to initialize as the initial HTML page is downloaded quickly and the larger static images, JSONJSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is an open standard file format and data interchange format that uses human-readable text to store and transmit data objects consisting of attribute–value pairs and arrays. and JavaScriptJavascript (JS) is a scripting languages, primarily used on the Web. It is used to enhance HTML pages and is commonly found embedded in HTML code. JavaScript is an interpreted language. Thus, it doesn't need to be compiled. content can be downloaded in parallel by separate browser threads. By serving this static content out of CDN, the content is more likely to be close to the users device, reducing the network latency. The content can also be cached by the users browser.

It's possible to achieve a 2x reduction in form load times for large Maestro applications.

There are also benefits of using Maestro SCE rendering mode option for the Manager server as we have observed a 20% throughput improvement under performance load tests

The SCE mode works with older Maestro release forms and does not require any changes to the Maestro forms to use it. This feature doesn't change the structure of the form but simply externalizes static resources, such as images, JSON and JavaScript content. The form is still a single page form with static resources have been separated out.

Next, learn how to enable the Maestro SCE Mode opt in feature.