Library Scopes

   MaestroThe UI design product.  |   Form Builder  |   20.11 This feature was updated in 20.11.

Each Maestro library has a scope that determines which forms have access to that library's resources. Maestro supports the following scopes:

  • Release -the libraries are locked down and tied to a specific release. These libraries are global libraries available across the whole Maestro environment.
  • Organization - the libraries are tied to an organization and available to its projects.
  • Project - the libraries are tired to one project only.
  • Shared organization- the organization libraries that can be shared with other organizations. They can even be shared across all organizations in your environment making these libraries global.  |  20.11 This feature was introduced in 20.11.

To view a library's scope, navigate to a Maestro project's Libraries tab and look at the Scope column:


If you navigate to the Libraries tab of an organization, you will only see the organization-level libraries.

A release library is a built-in library for a specific Maestro release that is always available to your Maestro projects. The resources available in a release library are also backwards-compatible with earlier Maestro releases. Release libraries include:

  • Cards
  • Core
  • Identity
  • Maguire
  • Navigation

These libraries contain the standard Maestro resources that need to be accessible to every form. They cannot be removed or modified and, because of library precedence, should not be moved out of their original order.

An organization library is a user-created library that is attached to an organization. Any projects and forms within the organization will have access to the resources in these libraries. By default, there are no organization libraries.

A project library is a library attached to a project. Any forms within a project can access the resources in it's project libraries. When a project is created, a project library is created for it automatically. You can create additional project libraries as you need them.


A project library is visible only to the project in which it was created. Project libraries are never visible under an organization's Libraries folder.

There is no limit to the number of organization and project libraries you can have. However, there are some important considerations that may help you to decide how many libraries you need and what scope they should have:

  1. What is the best way to group your assets and resources into separate libraries?
  2. Should a library be attached to an organization or a project?
  3. Will having too many (or too few) libraries affect their manageability?

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