Custom Reports View - Transaction Summary

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This simple grouped bar chart displays Abandoned, Completed and Bounced transaction status counts for each selected form version. It is useful for comparing the volume of transactions, and transaction statuses, between the versions.


Click to modify the configuration option.

  • Enable Grids - Toggle the grid markings on and off.

Example Analysis

In the example screenshot, multiple form versions are selected via the Scope Selector, so transaction statuses for each version display. Key takeaways are:

  • The hover tooltip, and the y-axis, indicate the number of Abandoned, Completed and Bounced transactions for version DAO - 1.17.9 of the form.
  • It appears that there was a significant increase across all types of transactions in version DAO - 1.17.12.

Version DAO - 1.17.12 saw much more overall user traffic than the other versions. Perhaps, this increase in traffic demonstrates the success of a new campaign launched with that version.