Transaction Status Flow

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The diagram below illustrates the statuses that a transaction can achieve in Journey Analytics.

Transactions on Journey Manager may progress through any of the following statuses; Open, Bounced, Started, Abandoned, Saved and Completed.

Status Definition

Open Transactions

All transactions created by Journey Manager are considered to be in Open status. From this status, a transaction can either proceed to Started or Bounced status.

Bounced Transactions

Any transaction where the applicant (user) did not interact with the application (form). Navigation across the form or scrolling the page does not count as an interaction. A legitimate interaction is one where a user inputs data into the form in some way - text input, radio button input, clicking on a checkbox, clicking the Save button, attaching a file etc. It typically takes 24-48 hours for a transaction in Open status to transition to Bounced status. This time will vary based on the settings configured in Journey Manager

Started Transactions

Any transaction where a user interacted with the application (form) by inputting some data. A started transaction is a progressive step towards completion. Started transactions and Bounced transactions are mutually exclusive. For instance, a started transaction can never become a bounced transaction or vice versa. 

Saved Transactions 

Any transaction that has explicitly been Saved by the user. When a user resumes a Saved transaction, it can move to Completed status if the user submits the form. Or it can move to Abandoned status if the user abandons the application (form).

In-Progress Transactions

Any transaction that is:

  • Open Status
  • Started Status
  • Saved Status

Completed Transactions

Any transaction that has been submitted to Journey Manager

Abandoned Transactions

Any transaction that has been deemed as Abandoned in Journey Manager. When a user leaves the application without explicitly canceling it, the transaction lives in Started status for a period defined in Journey Manager, after which it is considered as an Abandoned transaction.