MaestroThe UI design product.  |   Form Builder |   21.11 This feature was updated in 21.11.

Maestro allows you to configure various form's policies using Form Options.

To configure form's policies:

  1. Open a Maestro form and select Form Options.
  2. Expand Policies or Form - Policies, as shown below for 2 most popular templates we provide:

    Maguire Template

    Maestro editor policies form options

    Avalon Template

    Maestro editor form policies form options
  3. Select Validation Mode to configure a page validation mode, which can be:
    • Unconstrained, validate on submit
    • Sequential, validate on page change
  4. Select Page Transition Delay to update the default value for page transition delay.
  5. Select Background Save On Page Change to enable a background form save on page change.
  6. Select Enable Leave Page Warning to show a confirm dialog when a form user tries to leave a page.
  7. Select Restart At Last Saved Page to make a form return to a page it was on after save and resume.
  8. Select Leave Page Warning Message to update the default message for the leave page warning defined with the Enable Leave Page Warning setting.
  9. Select Use Legacy Submission Method to use old-style HTML form post and redirect.
  10. Click Save.

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