Form Background Save

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Journey Maestro has the background save functionality that automatically saves a form to a Journey Manager server in the background, without a user having to explicitly click the Save button. The background save option must be enabled for the form to be saved each time the user moves from one page to another.

Background save allows a user to return to a form even if something goes wrong while they are entering data. For example, the user is completing a 10-page form and they get to page 8 and all of a sudden, their computer locks up and closes the browser. With background save enabled, this data can be recovered using the form reference code, so the user can return to page 8 of the form. Though the user may lose the data of the page they were currently on when the computer locked up, redoing one page of data is much better than having to redo all 7 of the previous pages.

If the user did not record their reference code, our support team can provide you with a form link.

You can configure the background save using:

You can also configure a background save intervals for forms.

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