Form Name

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From the form options window, you can configure a form name for a Maestro form. The Form Name basic option is used to edit a name of a form, which is a part of the form metadataMetadata is data that describes other data. Meta is a prefix that in most information technology usages means "an underlying definition or description." Metadata summarizes basic information about data, which can make finding and working with particular instances of data easier. For example, author, date created and date modified and file size are examples of very basic document metadata. Having the abilty to filter through that metadata makes it much easier for someone to locate a specific document.. However, the form name only impacts areas on the form that reference the form name metadata.

To change a form name from the form options window

  1. Open a Maestro form and select Form Options.
  2. Select Form Name.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Edit the name of the form and click Save.
  5. Click Build and Render Form to see how this rule is displayed when the form is built and rendered. In the default template the form name displays near the top of the form. This display may be different in your form depending on the template used.

Changing the form name in the Form Options doesn’t change the form name displayed in the Maestro Dashboard. Likewise, editing the form name in the dashboard doesn’t change the form name displayed and referenced in the form.

To configure the form name in the Maestro Dashboard:

  1. Open a form in the Maestro Dashboard and click Details.
  2. Edit the form name and description and click Save.

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