Save Challenge Dialog

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You need to configure the Save Challenge Dialog with the same security question as the Save Confirm Dialog. The Save Challenge Dialog is displayed when the user returns to complete a saved form.

The Save Challenge includes a section to enter the generated reference code that displays when the user saves their form. It also includes the security question section. This is where the user needs to enter the same answer entered when the form was saved.

When configuring the components within the two dialogs, you will need to ensure that the XML Name is different. By default, if the label is the same, the XML Name will also be the same. This will cause a duplicate binding error when you publish your form. You can decide to only change one component XML Name or change both component XML Names.

Often, you may need to use a custom Save Challenge Dialog. For a form to use the new custom dialog instead of the default savechallenge dialog, you can add the following JavaScript rule on form load:

if( window.location.href.toLowerCase().indexOf('savechallenge=true') > 0 ){

Where customDialog is your custom dialog ID.

You also need to configure Journey Manager to enable the Topics feature.

Next, configure security question for save challenge.