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Website tips

Welcome to our collection of website tips! Each article available in this section gives you tips on how to accomplish simple tasks within the website, such as subscribing to announcements or release notes, asking a question on the Q&A, or updating your notifications settings.

Website Tips

Use these steps to send feedback to the website administrators, like a broken link or content not displaying, or to ask for general help from the Knowledge team.

  1. Select Contact us from your User menu at the top right hand side of the screen.
Website Tips

An essential tool for users of the Journey Platform are the training videos and exercises.  These are available to anyone registered to use the Journey Platform resources website.  For more information on registration see the following article: Registration.

Website Tips

Why should I register?

Registration allows you to:

  • Comment and reply to Q&A posts, answer questions, or engage socially.
Website Tips

Welcome to the new Journey Platform website. This site consolidates all our Journey Platform knowledge resources and documentation into one website.  

In addition to sharing Journey Platform documentation our aim is to share interesting topics and questions that may be useful to fellow employees, partners, customers and the greater community.

Website Tips

An important feature for registered users of the Journey Platform Community to remember is that they should take a few minutes to create a profile and review / update their user settings. 

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