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Announcing DocuSign OAuth upgrade


DocuSign have announced that their electronic signature service will cease to function from March 2023 (extended from Oct 2022), unless OAuth authentication is implemented. 


March 2023 (extended from Oct 2022)

We have implemented OAuth authentication in a new version of the DocuSign Exchange package (Version 1.3), which will be available from November 16, 2022 to anyone who uses the DocuSign service. An updated DocuSign service connection is also available with the 22.10 Temenos Journey Manager release.

Note that customers who do not upgrade to 22.10 will still be able to use their existing DocuSign service connection after changing the relevant parameter values. Please refer to Important links below for more information.

It is important to note that all users must upgrade to the latest DocuSign Exchange package before the deadline of March 2023

Migration tasks

Users can upgrade their DocuSign package at any time prior to March 2023.

Prior to 22.10 Update the Properties in your DocuSign service connection object. Configure the DocuSign Service Connection
From 22.10 onwards Swap to the new DocuSign OAuth service connection object, and update the Properties. Configure the DocuSign OAuth Service Connection
Both Grant OAuth access to the configured DocuSign API user.   Links are provided in both DocuSign service connections above to do this.

Important links

DocuSign integration

Configure the DocuSign Service Connection

Configure the DocuSign OAuth Service Connection

The Upgrading DocuSign to OAuth Authentication article.


Contact Support or your Customer Success Manager for assistance.

DocuSign announcement

DocuSign announcement is available here=>

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