Share a Details screen

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When you access a Details screen, the space you're in controls the information you see and the options that are available. This means that if you want to share the Details screen you're looking at with another user, just sharing the application or task id or the Details screen's URL is not enough because none of these include information about the space you're in.

To share a Details screen more effectively, you can use the Share action to obtain a URL that you can give to another user so that they can open the same Details screen that you're looking at for the same application and task and in the same space. Note, however, that a URL generated by the Share action doesn't preserve the application's state.

What you see when you try to view a shared Details screen depends on your Workspaces permissions:

  • If you have access to the space encoded in a shared URL, you'll see the current state of the shared application, including any changes made since the shared URL was generated, with the shared task selected in the shared space's Details screen.
  • Otherwise, an error screen is displayed.

You can share a Details screen from the Review, Helpdesk, Assisted Channel or Manage space.

Share a task URL

To share a task URL from a Details screen :

  1. From the Spaces navigation menu, select the Review, Helpdesk, Assisted Channel, or Manage space. The List screen is displayed.
  2. In the item list, locate an application or task that you want to share and select it. The Details screen for the selected item is displayed.
  3. On the Details screen, click shareShare. A shareable URL is generated and copied to your clipboard.
  4. To share the URL, go to another application such as an email or chat app, and paste the shareable URL from the clipboard.

    The shareable URL remains in the clipboard temporarily. Other actions you perform may replace the clipboard's contents.

When you share a task URL from any Details screen, a message is displayed briefly in the bottom left corner of the page identifying whether or not the action was successful.


This step-by-step example demonstrates how to use the Share action to obtain a shareable URL for a Details screen in the Manage space. When the URL is generated, it is copied to the clipboard automatically, and we'll confirm this by copying it into the Windows Notepad app.

  1. Login to Workspaces and select the Manage space. The List screen is displayed.
  2. In the item list, locate an application that you want to share and select it. In this example, we'll select the application for the applicant "Lian Li".
  3. The Details screen for our selected application is displayed. The application's most recent task is selected. If we were interested in a different task, we could select it now, but for this example we'll stick with the most recent task.
  4. The shareShare button is located in the action button group. Click shareShare.
  5. A shareable URL for this Details screen is generated and copied to the clipboard, and a message is displayed in the bottom left corner of the screen confirming this.
  6. Finally, open the Notepad app and paste from the clipboard to reveal the shareable URL.