New Form: Start a new application

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In a customer-focused role such as a relationship manager, it helps to be able to provide services to your busy customers that make their lives easier. Workspaces includes many features aimed at reducing friction in the application process. One of these is the New Form action which allows you to kick-start applications on behalf of your customers.


An application started using the New Form action can only be accessed by an authenticated user; that is, a user who is logged in to Journey Workspaces or a Temenos Journey Manager system. However, many applicants are anonymous or unauthenticated users, starting an application from an external website such as an online banking website, and so will not be able to access an application started with New Form.


Handover of applications between authenticated and anonymous users is possible but may not be offered in an out of the box Temenos Journey Manager solution. If application handover is important to you, contact your Temenos Journey Manager representative to discuss how your solution can be customized to allow application handover where you need it in your application workflow.

You can start an application only from the List screen in the Assisted Channel space; the New Form action is not available from the Details screen, nor in any other space.

To start an application:

  1. Select the Assisted Channel space.
  2. On the List screen, click descriptionNew Form and select a form / product type from the list displayed.
  3. A modal window opens containing the selected form. Enter any application details that you know or have at hand.
  4. If you've entered all the required information, you can submit your application; otherwise, you can save it and come back later to complete your application.
    • To save your application, click menuMenu then select save Save Application.
    • To submit your application, click Submit on the application form.
  5. Close the modal window, returning to the List screen. If you submitted your application, it will appear in the item list in the All applications view; otherwise, it will be in the My Saved view. If you can't see it straight away, you may need to refresh the page.

You can return to a saved application to continue entering information on the applicant's behalf at any time until the application has been submitted. For information about how to continue an application, see View Form: Re-open an application form.