Collaboration Job Submission

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If a submission is part of a collaboration job, it is not purged as part of standard submission purging. Instead, Manager uses the Finished Collaboration Jobs policy to purge the collaboration job and all its submissions, once the entire job has finished. It is important to emphasize here that, in contrast with a single form submit, a form submission that is part of a collaboration job is never automatically abandoned by Manager.

The image below illustrates the transaction life cycle for a collaboration job form submission that has been successfully completed.

The list below describes the process illustrated in the above diagram.

  1. The form is started (opened) by the user and a transaction record is created. As this form involves a collaboration job, once the user submits the start form, it triggers the collaboration job processing which first creates a job record. This job record contains the job audit information and keeps track of all submissions related to the collaboration job.
  2. One or more users who are involved interact as requested by the collaboration job. Typically, each user interaction is a separate submission reflected by creating a transaction record.
  3. The last step is reached and the user responsible submits the end form.
  4. On submission of the end form, the forms in the collaboration job are processed and delivered to the backend system.
  5. Once delivered, it is considered a finished collaboration job reflected by a finished job record and a related set of one or more finished transactions. A transaction history record is now created for each of the finished transactions within the collaboration job.
  6. From this point onwards, each transaction record and the corresponding transaction history record are retained in Manager according to the data retention settings.
  7. The Finished Collaboration Jobs setting is used to determine when to purge the job record and all its related completed transactions. For the strict policy, these are deleted 90 days after the collaboration job has finished.
  8. The Transaction History setting (in the System Logs section) is used to determine when to purge the related transaction history data. For the strict policy, the transaction history records are deleted 180 days after the collaboration job has finished.

However, a collaboration job may also be cancelled by a Manageroperations user. In this case, the incomplete job is marked as finished, and the same data retention procedure applies like a successfully completed job.

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