Export Roles

   Journey Manager (JM) The transaction engine for the platform.  |    System Manager / DevOps  |  All versions This feature is related to all versions.

Manager allows administrators to export roles from one environment and import them into another. You can use the export functionality to:

  • Back up or archive roles.
  • Re-create or migrate roles in another Manager.
  • Promote one or several roles to other environments.

To export one or several roles:

  1. Select Security > Roles.
  2. Click Export Archive to export one role or click Export to export all roles.

Manager exports the role into a group archive ZIP file, which will be downloaded to your PC. The ZIP file contains a role-config.xml file with all roles’ definitions and permissions.


To avoid any lockout issues, the Administrator role is not included in the export.

Click Export Data to export the displayed data as a Microsoft Excel (XLS) file.

Next, learn how to import roles.