Journey Application Tester

   PlatformApplicable to all products in Temenos Journey Manager.  |   Application Tester

A Journey Application Tester is responsible for designing testing scenarios for usability, application functionality, integration, and bug discovery. They conduct the testing, analyse the results and provide feedback to the development team. The Application Tester is also responsible for creating the testing scripts – usability storyboards, test cases, and automation scripts. For Temenos clients, the persona may be limited to user-acceptance testing, which is less technical but requires a deep understanding of the business rules associated with the application as well as an understanding of the various interfaces provided.

Example tasks of a JourneyApplication Tester include:

  • Create test cases based upon documented requirements.
  • Write test reports.
  • Compare the form to the specification documentation.
  • Complete breakage testing - try to break the form, get creative with what you check, etc.
  • Check the visual aspects of the form - spacing, spelling, grammar, layout, etc.

Prerequisite Skillset of a Journey Application Tester

Objectives and Goals of a Journey Application Tester

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