Journey Solution Architect

   PlatformApplicable to all products in Temenos Journey Manager.  |   Solution Architect

A Journey Solution Architect is responsible for the overall design of the application built on the Temenos Journey Manager. They work with the client to gather business requirements and translate these into the architecture for the solution: describing it through architecture and design artifacts. They also work as a single point of contact for Form Builders and Platform Developers on integration points and defining expected functionality. They are the technical lead for planning, analysis, development, testing and transitioning to from development to live customer solutions.

It is recommended that the Solution Architect accomplishes the above tasks following AgileAgile software development is an approach to software development under which requirements and solutions evolve through the collaborative effort of self-organizing and cross-functional teams and their customer/end user. methodology; therefore, an understanding of Agile development methodology is usually required.

Example tasks of a Journey Solution Architect include:

  • Complete code review for new developments.
  • Communicate best practices and new Temenos Journey Manager platform features to relevant stakeholders at all levels of the business.
  • Formulate solutions to complex business problems.
  • Document solution designs for later reference.
  • Manage all aspects – planning, development, implementation, archiving, and hand-off – of the development cycle.

Prerequisite Skillset of a Solution Architect

Objectives and Goals of a Solution Architect

  • Define and follow best practices for building a Temenos Journey Manager platform application.
  • Lead a project from conception to completion.
  • Discover integration points between application.
  • Be known as an expert on the Temenos Journey Manager platform.
  • Liaison/buffer between the Temenos team and the client.
  • Guide teams and follow governance practices for developing on the Temenos Journey Manager platform.

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