Change the Style of Components in Brands

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Brands allows you to configure the look and feel of the contents of a template, so you can control the styling of any components of a particular type that are added to a Maestro form by a Form Builder.

To change the style of components in a brand:

  1. Open a template in the Maestro editor and select the Style tab.
  2. Drag an instance of the component into the template (you will delete the component before publishing).
  3. Adjust the styling as required.
  4. Click Save to Shared Style to save your changes. Use a meaningful name when saving the style.
  5. Right-click the component in the Palette pane, and then select Available Styles for <Component Type>.
  6. Select your newly created shared style from the dropdown menu of available styles.
  7. Click Save.

You can remove this style from the same dialog by clicking the x next to the style.

To apply the shared style to the component type:

  1. Right click on any instance of the component in the form.
  2. Select Apply Shared Styles to every <component type>.

For more information, see the Style pane.

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