Contact the Exchange Team

   Exchange Pre-configured Maestro services.  |   Platform Developer |  All versions   This feature is related to v5.1 and higher.

You can contact the Exchange Team to suggest an idea or raise a support request through the Temenos Support portal:

Need to log an idea or issue?

The Support Handbook shows you how to log them in the Support Portal.

What we require

  1. Ensure you're using the original Exchange package (not modified services or Maestro assets). *Support is only provided if the Manager services or Maestro assets have not been changed.
  2. Include your Manager, Maestro and Exchange package versions.
  3. Capture / reproduce the steps taken using a Maestro template (blank, Maguire, Blue Steel or Avalon). This is essential so that we can replicate the issue in our own environment.

Contact via email

You can also contact the Exchange Team directly via [email protected].