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Announcing Journey Platform Release v19.11


Announcing Journey Platform Release v19.11

Date: 13th December 2019 (Generally Available).


The Journey Platform 19.11 release is a major relase of Manager, Maestro, Workspaces and Exchange, comprising of new features and bug fixes.

The 19.11 release is now GA and will be applied to all regional servers in an upgrade schedule to be announced shortly. 

Release Notes: Journey Platform Release v19.11.

Journey Manager

The Journey Manager 19.11 release includes many generic updates to the Fluent API, with the Fluent API receipting capabilities significantly enhanced.

The release also provides support for a Fluent Security Manager. We've removed support for Adobe Livecycle and Card Payment Page. 

For more information, see the full Release Notes: Journey Manager 19.11.

Journey Maestro

The main theme of this Maestro release was to improve developer productivity. One of the key areas of feedback we addressed was to assist developers in better understanding the inheritance order of components and properties.

The new features and panels introduced will assist developers to determine the source of components and their properties and allow them to easily identify impacts when changes are being made. We have also introduced the ability to revert properties back to their original base definition. 

We have also hardened Maestro security in this release, ensuring libraries are up to date and strengthening validation processes.

The Journey Maestro 19.11 release is now GA and will be applied to all regional servers in an upgrade schedule to be announced shortly.

For more information, see the full Release Notes: Journey Maestro 19.11.


Two new packages have been released for v19.11, AuthenticID and Worldpay, as well as two major updates to existing packages, Mitek Tiden and Yodlee TAF. 

We are also excited to release Exchange Framework (TIF) v1.5.0 with a standard integration fluent function base class and a powerful standard response processor out of the box. We strongly encourage everyone to upgrade and start using Exchange Framework v1.5.0 to build your next powerful integration.

For more information, see the full Release Notes: Exchange 19.11.


This release includes many new features and enhancements targeted at processing agents, helpdesk agents, assisted channel staff and group managers.

These enhancements include improvements to the multi-applicant / multi-product interface, enhancements to the supported actions, a new SLA reporting feature, the ability to recover and withdraw applications, improvements to the console error reporting for debugging, and many more minor enhancements based on client services feedback.

For more information, see the full Release Notes: Workspaces 19.11


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