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Journey Maestro 23.04.2 & 23.10.0 Release Schedule


Essential Dates

The US and EU Maestro Production regions will be upgraded to 23.04.2 while the AU Maestro Production region will be upgraded to 23.10.0.  See release times specified below:

Summary Date Time
Upgrade Maestro EU Instance to 23.04.2 * Monday 22nd January 1400 AEDT
Upgrade Maestro US Instance to 23.04.2 *
Monday 22nd January 1700 AEDT
Upgrade Maestro AU Instance to 23.10.0
Tuesday 30th January 2130 AEDT

US and EU to be upgraded to 23.10 following successful upgrade to 23.04.2.  Announcement to follow with full details.

Full Details

For more details on the 23.04.2 Maestro release see: Journey Maestro 23.04.

For more details on the 23.10.0 Maestro release see: Journey Maestro 23.10.

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