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Announcing Journey Platform Release 21.11


We are pleased to announce the Journey Platform 21.11 release. It is a major release of Manager, Maestro, Workspaces, and Analytics, comprising of new features and bug fixes.  

The GA date is 3rd December 2021. For our cloud-hosted customers, check the rollout to all regions.

All Release Notes: Journey Platform Release 21.11.

Journey Manager

Journey Manager 21.11 introduces new status controls for forms, organizations and spaces to give system managers more control on the availability of forms in Journey Manager. The process of deprecating the old Apache Click library has begun in 21.11 and the authentication pages and error handling pages in the form spaces have been re-written to remove the Apache Click dependency. 

In Journey Manager 21.11 we have taken the opportunity to upgrade a number of third party libraries. This release has undergone the standard Temenos Pen Testing, Code Scanning (HP Fortify), and Dependent Library Scanning (Whitesource). Some major libraries have been upgraded in this release, these include Apache Cayenne, Spring Security and Velocity. 

For more information, see the full Release Notes: Journey Manager 21.11.

Journey Maestro

The 21.11 Maestro release continues the theme of assisting developers to improve productivity and shortening go to market timelines. We have introduced a new out of the box template called Avalon. Note that the Maguire template is still in the product. Avalon provides a modern look and feel and has built-in optional functionality that we frequently see in client developments. Whitelabelling is another often requested feature and our focus was to simplify the creation of a whitelabelled solution. This is where you can have one common template but apply different brandings such as different logos and colour schemes. Used in conjunction with the translation feature, developers can change any text in the form for that brand.

We have updated our 3rd party dependencies to latest versions as part of our on-going Security reviews. There are smaller requests and bug fixes packaged up as well. Please read the notes below for a more detailed description.

For more information, see the full Release Notes: Journey Maestro 21.11


The Workspaces 21.11 release introduces a new space for authenticated applicants in addition to improving the Workspaces experience for processing agents, helpdesk agents, assisted channel staff, and group managers.

Key features included in this release:

- A new space for authenticated applicants as a self-service portal for managing application creation, follow-ups, and keeping track of application progress.
- An improved build and deployment process for Workspaces which is now available directly from the product Artefactory.
- Support for job properties to configure the Workspaces key info section and custom cards.
- Support for switching between languages used for the Workspaces UI, and other enhancements to the localization framework.
- An enhanced focused search feature that now allows searching on fields that are not displayed in the item list.

For more information, see the full Release Notes: Journey Workspaces 21.11.

Journey Analytics

Journey Analytics 21.11 is a major release that improves existing functionality.

Key features included in this release:

- The Timeline View now provides users more options for aggregating data. The tooltip displayed on hover of the bar chart has also been improved to order the colour sequence to match the bar chart for better readability.
- Users can now select a custom date range in a single view in the calendar.
- Ability to allow users to see near-time data from the current day by adding a new Today option to the period selector.
- For those customers with forms across multiple organisations, the organisation name will now be displayed above the form name to help differentiate between forms of the same name across different organisations.
- The User Journey View segmentation chart has been extended to allow the display of the top 10 segmentation values.

For more information, see the full Release Notes: Journey Analytics 21.11.


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