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UPDATED - Maestro 21.05.1 Maintenance Release Schedule



We are pleased to announce the Maestro 21.05.1 maintenance release is ready to be deployed to the regional environments on the dates specified in the table below.

This Maintenance Release contains updates to resolve issues in Maestro.  Visit the following link for full details: Journey Maestro 21.05.

Essential Dates

The Maestro Production regions will be upgraded to the 21.05.1 release at the date and times specified below:




Upgrade Maestro AU Instance to 21.05.1

Monday 27th September


Upgrade Maestro EU Instance to 21.05.1

Thursday 21st October

1100 AEDT

Upgrade Maestro US Instance to 21.05.1

Wednesday 6th October

1400 AEDT

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