Milestones vs Segments

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Journey Analytics collects two custom event types – Milestones and Segments. These events can be sent from either an application built from Maestro or Composer, or from Journey Manager. These custom events can be leveraged to capture analytics data to cater to a specific application, business or market requirements, that cannot otherwise be achieved with out-of-the-box analytics data that Journey Analytics presents. The diagram below presents the key differences in the concepts of Milestones and Segments.

In the context of User Journeys, milestones help you understand:

  • How users engage with different parts of the application.
  • How long it takes for users to reach each milestone and its implication on the effort it takes to progress through different parts of the user journey.
  • The impact of an Exchange component on completion rates.

Segments, on the other hand, help you understand:

  • Completion rate of different groups of users.
  • Usage of Exchange components by different groups of users.
  • Time to reach a milestone for different groups of users.
  • User journey patterns for specific groups of users.

Milestones vs Segments Video

Watch the video below to see the difference between milestones and segments, with examples.