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Temenos Knowledge Team News May 2019


It’s time for another update from the Knowledge Team!

We have been working to update product documentation, create new classroom and online training courses, and build an interactive online community.  

The Knowledge Team are always looking to improve the documentation and community website. Please use the feedback button on the right side of the window at any time to provide any feedback throughout the websites. You also may have received a request to complete the Community Website survey while browsing the site. We would appreciate any feedback or suggestions you have to help improve the website and content. 

Product Documentation



Transact SDK

Community Website


Online Training

Existing Courses

All current online training courses (including 'Foundation' and 'Upgrade' courses) can be found on the Journey Platform website.

  1. Journey Platform Learning
  2. Select the product you are interested in
  3. Drill down then play the video

What’s Coming?

The first module of the new 'Form Builder' course is nearly complete.

Topics covered in the first module include:

  • Introduction to Maestro
  • Logins and passwords
  • Compatibility Mode
  • The Maestro Editor
  • Working with Organizations
  • Working with Projects
  • Working with Forms
  • Working with Templates
  • Working with Components
  • Working with Libraries
  • Best Practice - Maestro Projects
  • Upgrading Maestro

Instructor-Led Training

Training is currently requested by contacting your Avoka account manager.

Available Courses:

  • Avoka Platform Overview – Half Day
  • Avoka Form Builder Course – Two Days
  • Avoka Platform Developer – Two Days
  • Avoka Operations SaaS – Half Day

Please note: As our transition to Temenos continues, training will at some point be requested through a central location such as the Temenos Learning Community (TLC).

Feedback or Questions

You can email the Temenos Journey Knowledge Team with any feedback or questions - we look forward to hearing from you.

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