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Announcing Journey Manager v19.05


To reflect the recent brand changes in the Temenos product line, Transact Manager has now been re-branded as Journey Manager. For release 19.05, this re-branding has been focused on the cosmetic level, so there are still references to the old product names where it has been determined that there may be supportability problems, if the internal names were changed.  For more details on the changes to our product names please see: Changes to our Product Names.

Journey Manager 19.05 has been focused at enhancing our security stance and as part of this we have upgraded a number of of the older libraries that have been used now for a number of years. At the time of writing, the Journey Manager 19.05.0 build has no critical or high priority vulnerable libraries reported through our OWASP Dependency Check scanner.  

Key Features

Workspace API

To support the development of the new Help Desk Persona for the Workspaces Space, the Journey Manager Workspace API has received a number of functional enhancements. 

* It is important to note that to use the 19.05 version Workspaces you will need to upgrade to Journey Manager 19.05. 

Fluent API Additions

In 19.05 there have been enhancements to Fluent API to reduce the dependency on the Core API and improve upgrade supportability.

Security Enhancements & Library Upgrades

There have been a number of dependent library upgrades in this release.  For full details on these changes, see Journey Manager 19.05.x.

Behavior Changes & Removed Features

The Birt reporting portal has been removed and all the associated reporting features. Birt is replaced with the Transaction & Job Licensing screens for transaction usage information. The PaymentLogQuery has been added to the Fluent API to enable querying of the log query through Groovy Scripts (TMR-1832).

The PayPal Payment gateway has been removed because the version of the PayPal library, used for integration, is no longer supported (TMR-1761).

For full details on Key Features and Release Notes see: Journey Manager 19.05.x.

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