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Temenos Journey Manager Infrastructure Upgrade


Commencing April 2024, Temenos will be undertaking a mandatory program of work to upgrade all Temenos managed Journey Manager environments to Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS.

In parallel, Temenos is taking this opportunity to modernise our SaaS infrastructure for customers on AWS environments. Customers on older AWS installations will benefit from AWS instance EC2 (compute) and Aurora (DB) upgrades. Customers who have already been through this process have enjoyed significant performance improvements.

These changes affect infrastructure only: no changes to Journey Manager are required. However, we recommend that all customers review the version and support for their TJM installation; this is an ideal time to upgrade and benefit from the many new features in recent product releases.

Who is impacted?

All Journey Manager customers hosted on a Temenos managed cloud environment will be upgraded to Ubuntu, including all production and all lower environments.

Why are we doing this?

CentOS Linux 7 is the operating system (OS) used in most TJM deployments. It will reach end of life (EOL) on June 30, 2024 as described in What to know about CentOS Linux EOL.

All client TJM environments must be upgraded before the EOL date to ensure these environments remain supported, secure, and stable.

Note that this is an infrastructure upgrade, not an upgrade to the Journey Manager software.

Benefits of this upgrade

A clear benefit is all Journey Manager environments will continue to run on a supported OS.

Ubuntu is a very secure, widely used open-source operating system with strong community support. It is enterprise-compatible and has proven to be performant and efficient. About the Ubuntu project | Ubuntu. Ubuntu is the standard Temenos OS for Linux based systems in cloud environments.

At the same time, we will be upgrading all AWS customer instance types. This change is expected to provide an operational improvement of up to 35% faster performance when both compute and DB nodes are updated, as well as delivering a significant reduction in emissions from our SaaS operations.

Upgrade process

Temenos will use a phased approach to perform the upgrade:

Phase 1: Lower environment upgrade

Temenos will upgrade all client lower environments (non-production) to the new configuration. This will be completed outside business hours to minimize client impact. Each client will be notified when this is complete.

Although Temenos has thoroughly tested the upgrade process, customers are encouraged to perform their own sanity testing on these environments after the upgrade is complete and before the production upgrade.

Phase 2: Production environment upgrade

Temenos support will contact customers to provide more information and schedule the production upgrade.

Given the nature of the update, Journey Manager systems will be offline for this mandatory maintenance. Based on our testing, we estimate that the downtime for this upgrade will be approximately 30 minutes.

Where to go for more information?

For more information, please raise a support ticket or alternatively post to the Journey Q&A forum.

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