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Upgrading Transact Regularly


Upgrade Annually

We encourage our clients to upgrade their Transact Platform at minimum once per year.  By upgrading this ensures that users are always on the current release or one back from the current release and that they are on a truly supported version.  If we  run into a security risk or vulnerability assessment that gets identified Avoka engineers will fix these issues in the current major version number and the previous major version number.

Security and the underlying dependencies of third party tools that we use are the primary drivers for our recommendation that we really need our clients to stay current.  New features are certainly a value add and ROI for the client, but these are not the driving factors why we recommend that clients stay current; customer support is. 


We encourage clients to organise their Agile sprint cycles to include an annual upgrade in their process for both their form tool and their server.

Why Do We Recommend Regular Timely Upgrades

We recommend regular upgrades because the longer the gap between upgrades means the bigger the jump clients have to make, which means the higher the risk in the upgrade.  Every release includes a new feature with the deprecation of another, and the more versions that are skipped then the more clients are going to miss on the release notes that are important on a potential item that they are dependent on.  


By skipping releases this means that when you do go to upgrade a version, review of the release notes of multiple versions will be required, each upgrade containing respective sub files with bug fixes.  As a result each version that was skipped doesn’t mean one missed file, but usually numerous files.  As a result, users have to read all that content to ensure they are aware of what they are jumping.


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